At our magnificent training facility we offer a wide variety of gymnastics disciplines to children from 4 years of age up to our senior members, in their 20s.

Our main disciple is Acrobatic Gymnastics.  Acrobatic Gymnastics (previously called Sport Acrobatics and nicknamed “Acro“) is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music. There are three types of routines; a ‘balance’ routine where the focus is on strength, poise and flexibility; a ‘dynamic’ routine which includes throws, somersaults and catches, and (at FIG level 6 and above) a ‘combined’ routine which includes elements from both balance and dynamic.

In 2015 our top trio,  Megan Byrne, Chloe Cullen and Niamh Curley were selected to be part of the Irish Team which finished 2nd in the Celtic Cup.

Arklow Gym Club, is a not for profit organisation that fosters a love for gymnastics in over 140 children from Arklow and surrounding areas.

We do not operate a waiting list.