EuroGym, Norway 2024

Extract from Greetings from European Gymnastics

Dear gymnastics friends

We, the European Gymnastics Technical Committee of Gymnastics for All (TC-GFA), are so pleased to welcome all of you to BODØ (NOR) for the 14th EUROGYM taking place in July 2024. 

Bodø is surrounded by sea and fjord, it is the capital of Nordland county and lies just north of the Arctic Circle. In July you will get to experience the midnight sun in Bodø that gives everyone extra energy.

EUROGYM is a combination of joy: the joy of doing gymnastics, the joy of meeting new friends, learning,  playing and travelling. The LOC is doing everything they can to prepare a great Gymnastics week for all of you.

The European Gymnastics TC-GFA is certain that all our gymnastics friends, taking part in EUROGYM will live an unforgettable week of sports, with lots of fun and will enjoy the hospitality of the Norwegian people. 

The theme for EUROGYM 2024

Midsummer - Arklow Gymnastics Club

Midsummer Madness

The theme for EUROGYM 2024 is Midsummer Madness, a celebration of the long summer days and bright nights in the land of the midnight sun. Located above the Arctic Circle, Bodø is a unique and vibrant city that comes alive in the summer months, when the sun never sets.

During the event, participants will experience the magical atmosphere of the midnight sun, with endless daylight and northern Norwegian nature. It is a very special experience to be outside in daylight when sounds and wildlife indicate that it is night. The midnight sun will provide a unique backdrop for a variety of sports and cultural activities, including music, dance, and gymnastic performances.

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun remains visible at midnight. This  phenomenon is particularly pronounced in the Arctic regions, including Bodø, where the sun remains above the horizon for over 70 days during the summer months. This creates a unique and magical atmosphere, where the sun never sets, and the days seem to stretch on forever.

Overall, EUROGYM 2024’s Midsummer Madness theme celebrates the unique and vibrant culture of the region and the magical atmosphere created by the midnight sun. Participants can expect to have an unforgettable experience, filled with cultural activities, outdoor adventures, and the natural wonder of the midnight sun.

What is EUROGYM?

Eurogym is an international event that brings together young gymnasts from different European countries.  It is organized by European Gymnastics (EG) and is held every two years.

Eurogym is not a competition but rather a non-competitive gymnastics festival that focuses on promoting  the sport of gymnastics and fostering friendship and cultural exchange between young athletes from different countries. The event typically includes gymnastics performances, workshops, cultural activities, and social events.

Eurogym is open to gymnasts between the ages of 12 and 18 who are members of EG-affiliated national  gymnastics federations. The event is hosted by a different European city each time, with the host city  responsible for organizing the various activities and providing accommodation and transportation for participants.

Overall, Eurogym is a great opportunity for young gymnasts to develop their skills, make new friends,  and experience different cultures while promoting the sport of gymnastics at an international level.

Provisional Program EUROGYM

timetable - Arklow Gymnastics Club
Concert Hall - Arklow Gymnastics Club
Bodohallen - Arklow Gymnastics Club

Workshops (provisional list)

We will provide lots of different workshops during the week, and all groups will be provided with four different workshops. This is the provisional list with workshops that we want to provide. Changes might be done to the complete list before the registration for workshops begins.

Indoor workshops

•         Artistic gymnastics
•         Trampoline
•         TeamGym
•         Acrobatics
•         Cheerleading
•         Rhythmic gymnastics
•         Swimming
•         HipHop
•         Zumba
•         Modern dance
•         Swing dance
•         Olympic Weight Lifting
•         Badminton
•         Climbing
•         Bumberball
•         Table Tennis
•         Taekwon-do
•         Judo
•         Wrestling
•         Tennis
•         Boxing
•         Floorball •   Yoga
•         Aerobics
•         Bowling
•         Squash
•         Cageball
•         CrossFIT indoor

Outdoor workshops

•         Volleyball
•         Skateboard
•         Golf
•         Fishing
•         Snorkling
•         Kayaking
•         Hiking
•         Frisbee golf
•         Parkour
•         Stand Up Paddleboard
•         Downhill biking
•         Bow and arrow
•         Basketball
•         Climbing
•         Buldering
•         Clay Pigeon Shooting
•         Athletics
•         Bike orienteering
•         Outdoor strength training
•         Kanoo
•         Obstacle Trail
•         Caving

Evening events


Every night there will be a FunZone at Nordlandshallen, organized by EUROGYM 2024s young leaders. Different theme parties will happen each evening, and we want to provide activities for every taste and activity level. Provisional ideas are mega games such as bubble football, sumo action and wipeout. There will be a Norwegian corner with snacks, where you will get to know the Norwegian culture more. There will also be a ChillZone to recharge both yourself and your phone.

Midnightsun adventure

Experiencing the midnight sun is a MUST when visiting Northern Norway during summer. Therefore, we will do our best to create a unique midnight experience for the EUROGYM participants.

Funzone - Arklow Gymnastics Club


The breakfast will be served in the schools, and lunch and dinner will be served in Bankgata Flerbrukshall and Bodø VGS (High-School). We will serve nutritious and tasty food.