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Acrobatic Skills Summer Camps – Gymnasts Promoted to Tier 4


📣Wow – What a great week. After 2 very successful Acrobatic Skills Camps – 10 hard working gymnasts have made it to Tier 4.

Congratulations to Alison NiCraith,Jack Burke, Ellie O’Neill, Faye Kennedy, Zara Fennell,Lauren Christopher, Maya Coyne, Jordan O’Brien, Martin O’Brien and Katie Whyte.

This is the start of your journey to Tier 1.

With a handful of skills needed to pass – Ciara Breen, Emily Hayes and Mia Nolan Doyle.

Gracie Bailey, Grace Fogarty, Caitlin O’Connor and Holly Free also have tier 4 in sight.

Great work all week. Who is going to be our next Tier 4 Gymnast and will the Tier 4s get to Tier 3? Tune in next camp.

Remember 2 more Acro skills camps before September – 30th July and 13th August – plenty of time to get a jump on the season start.